Honda EU10i Generator


The ultra quiet Honda EU10i generator is extremely portable, weighing less than 14 kilograms. It is also very fuel efficient, running for over 8 hours on a single tank of petrol when using the Eco-Throttle feature.

This easy-starting generator produces only 59dB of sound at a distance of 7 meters, even when running at full load; this is quieter than common speech. The Honda Inverter Technology makes this generator ideally suited for use with electronics (e.g., computer, printer, and other sensitive equipment) because the generator produces a clean sine wave of energy and precludes surging.

To prevent any possible damage to the unit, the Oil Alert will shut the unit off when the oil drops below a safe operating level. The unit also has a DC terminal for use when charging 12V automotive type batteries. The available power is commonly used for the following typical electric devices:

  • Fans, televisions, radios
  • Small power tools
  • Small kitchen appliances

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Rated wattage



230 / 12V DC

No. of sockets

1 x 13A (AC) and 1 x 12V (DC)

Engine HP


Fuel type

Unleaded petrol

Fuel tank capacity

2.3 litres

Running time

8.3 hours @ 25% load

Start method


Noise output

52 dB(a) at 7m @ 25% load


13 kilograms

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

450 x 240 x 380

Honda EU10i generator

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