Ideal for larger presentations, outdoor events , small stage shows and road shows.

System includes:

  • 2 off full range
  • 1 off Bose 802 System Controller
  • 1 off Shure SM58 hand microphone
  • 1 off 500 watt amplifier and mixer
  • 2 off Speaker stands
  • 1 off Chrome microphone stand
  • 1 off Drum of speaker cable

Optional extras include:

  • Further pairs of Bose 802 speakers
  • Radio microphones
  • Further cabled hand microphones
  • CD, Cassette or Minidisk Players
  • On site engineeer

The prices for this system are exclusive of vat, delivery and installation, we are happy for this system to go out on “dry hire”.

In the world of portable sound systems, Bose® is synonymous with high-fidelity, vigorous and undistorted sound for both voice reinforcement and live instrumental music. It also stands for outstanding portability, versatility and long-term reliability, even under the most demanding conditions. All Bose professional loudspeakers are modular in design to provide perfectly tuned sound systems of all sizes and performance levels.

Bose professional loudspeaker systems have a particularly broad performance range and can be combined to give a uniquely even sound distribution indoors and out.

The rugged speaker cabinets are especially suitable for withstanding hard, everyday ‘on the road’ use: their construction from UV-resistant, heavy-duty materials also guarantees that the system will give many years of trouble-free service.

From small PA systems for lectures and conferences, to large, portable sound systems for concert halls and open air venues, Bose sets the standards for quality sound, portability, versatility and reliability for all applications.

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Bose 802

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