DD7 Commentary Unit


New for 2019, the DD7 commentary unit is an unbranded twin-axle, three-tier commentary box trailer. A hatch in the upper deck ceiling gives access to a fenced level roof, ideal for filming and to give a bird’s eye view over your event.

When not in use, the hatch is closed and the ladder locks onto the ceiling to keep the upper deck free of obstructions.

DD7 also offers the opportunity to add side panels which can be used to carry your own branding, to on-sell as advertising space, or to display scores and other information. The cabin is provided without these as standard, but one or both can be added to your requirements.

Like all our two tier cabins, DD7 offers 360-degree visibility upstairs through all-round windows, and is fitted with 240V sockets with twin USB power, microphone inputs, telephone points, and strip lighting throughout. Downstairs offers windows along one side, and on the other a workbench with one window over.

This unit is ideal for an event control unit or any commentary position that requires height and all-round vision.

The unit is currently displayed with its privacy / advertising boards attached to either end, these are detachable and as standard come without.




Length including draw bar: 6.88m

Height erected:

DD7 external