Equestrian and Timekeeping

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Show Hire supplies systems from EG (Redesdale) Ltd; the country’s leading manufacturer of equestrian timekeeping equipment. Our equipment offers the latest in wireless timing technology, as well as timing boards that enable crowds to view timings as they happen. All our equipment can be delivered and collected by courier. For information on specific items of equipment, please visit our supplier’s website directly.

We are a rapidly expanding business, and our equipment hire division continues to grow. If you cannot see the equipment you would like to hire on these pages, please contact us. If you require a more substantial or complex timing solution, please visit our Event Services page, or contact us directly to discuss your needs.

C700 timer

C844 Timer

The C844 is an advanced timer providing a wide range of features, including countdown timer, two-phase timing, and results calculation. Although perfect for timing showjumping rounds, it has many other sporting applications.

  2 days / weekend

from £85.00

C844 timer

C700 Timer

The C700 is designed for use with wireless gates. It has a warm-up/countdown timer required for many competitions, as well as recording and producing times to an accuracy of 1/100th of a second. The C700 is powered by an internal re-chargeable battery, but can also be connected to an external 12-volt battery or a mains supply using the adapter provided. This timer also provides timing for two-phase competitions.

2 days / weekend

from £110.00

K531 wireless timing head

K531 Wireless timing head

These timing heads use a radio transmitter instead of a cable to connect to the timer. There are no cables to lay, so moving the start and finish points (between show jumping classes, for example) is simple and easy. The heads can operate on two separate radio channels, allowing two sets of timing to be used in close proximity to one another (e.g., in adjacent rings at a large equestrian event). The radio signal uses special digital security coding to provide immunity from other radio devices. The receiver (which is built in to the main timer unit) warns if other transmitters are in use, and also indicates if the head batteries are running low.

The head is powered by internal rechargeable batteries which give 24 hours of continuous use between charges. The range of the radio signal is 200 metres (line of sight). The maximum distance between head and reflector is 30 metres. The heads can also be connected to the timer by cable if required. One receiver (which is built into the C700 and C830 timers) and one charger are required for two heads (start and finish). All our timing equipment can be legally used anywhere in Europe without the need for a site licence.


Hire prices (excluding VAT)

This equipment is included in the cost of hiring either of the two timing units shown above. To find out the cost of hiring the timing heads on their own, please contact us.

D500 Timing display

D510 Timing board

The D510 and flap display allows crowds to see the time of the round as it happens. These displays show fluorescent yellow numbers making them attractive and highly visible, even in bright sunlight. The digits are 10 inches high, and easily viewable even at 100 metres. The display can be powered by a 12V battery, or via mains using an external adapter. The case is constructed from welded steel (making it very weather resistant) and comes with a steel lid for protection during transportation. Mounting brackets are provided.

2 days / weekend

from £130.00