Honda EU26i Generator


The Honda EU26i petrol generator provides 2600 watts of power, for heavy domestic and professional uses. It does this whilst still only producing 49dB of sound – very quiet.

It has all of the unique elements that set the Honda EU Generator Range apart from the competition. It is compact, portable, quiet, and extremely clean in both its appearance and its power output. Honda’s EU26i will run for 25 hours on a single tank of fuel when using the Eco-Throttle feature. The EU26i also has the Honda Inverter Technology, which makes this generator ideally suited for use with sensitive electronics (e.g., computer, fax, printer, and telephone, stereo) because the generator produces a clean sine wave of energy and precludes surging.

To prevent any possible damage to the unit, the Oil Alert will shut the unit off when the oil drops below a safe operating level. The unit also has a DC terminal for use when charging 12V automotive type batteries. The available power is commonly used for the following typical electric devices:

  • Full-sized microwave ovens
  • Larger power tools
  • Resistive load kitchen appliances (e.g., coffee machine, toaster, etc.)
  • Roof-top RV air conditioning unit
  • Emergency home back-up power supply

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Rated wattage



230 / 12V DC

No. of sockets

2 x 16A (AC) and 1 x 12V (DC)

Engine HP


Fuel type

Unleaded petrol

Fuel tank capacity

4.1 litres

Running time

8.3 hours @ 25% load

Start method


Noise output

49 dB(a) at 7m @ 25% load


54 kilograms

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

655 x 455 x 555

Honda EU26i generator

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