Public Address Hire

Show Hire can provide public address hire equipment and smaller sound systems for any occasion, in any location. We offer a wide range of portable PA equipment to suit your requirements. Collection and delivery by courier are available on all our equipment, but many of our customers choose to collect and return the equipment in person.

For specific information about each unit, please click on one of the items below. If you require a more substantial or complex public address hire solution, please visit our Event Services page, or contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Please note, all hire prices below are exclusive of VAT.

We are a rapidly expanding business, and our equipment hire division continues to grow. If you cannot see the equipment you would like to hire on these pages, please contact us.


Site PA

Site PA systems can be installed for coverage from small fetes and village greens to large event sites and festivals. Whether you are trying to communicate with 200 or 250,000 people the principle is the same. It is essential that direct, clear communication is possible at the flick of a switch to inform your public and guests of upcoming attractions, opening and closing times and very importantly Health and Safety announcements when they arise. Networked speakers across your site can be zoned or used for mass announcements and controlled from a single or multiple points.

For advice or a quote for your event please contact us.


Arena Systems

Show Hire supplies EV Pro Sound Arena Systems for main arenas and show rings at many events across the UK. From Show Jumping and Equestrian Sport to Dancing Diggers, Monster Trucks and Extreme Sports our arena systems can cover crowds of up to 20,000 in tiered seating and stands. With systems capable of 20,000 watts of power we produce excellent sound for commentary and music replication for your event.

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Single Tier Commentary Units

Our single tier commentary units can come fitted with a roof mounted public address system, ideal for infomation points, site management or a commentary position for crowds from 500+ Click here for more information.
2 days / weekend

from £450.00

PA Trailer

Our PA Trailers are unique; they are complete public address systems on wheels. Each trailer has a telescopic mast, extending up to 30 feet, onto which are attached 4 horn-type loudspeakers that can be angled to suit the specific location. At the bottom of the mast lies a battery-powered amplifier, a microphone with an extra long lead for announcer mobility, a CD player and iPod/phone input. A wireless hand-held radio microphone can be hired at additional cost. All of this equipment is self-contained in a weatherproof storage compartment.

This system is ideal for fêtes, sports days, fun days, or any medium-sized outdoor event. It can also be used for flood lighting or as an aerial mast for a two-way radio repeater, or even as a part of a larger public address system.

This trailer can be delivered and installed by our engineers or, if you would prefer to save on delivery costs, it can be collected by any reasonably sized car with a tow bar.

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2 days / weekend

from £185.00

QSC K12 thumbnail for Public Address page

QSC Audio K12

The QSC K Family of speakers are the most lightweight available at this size and power rating.  Built from the same tough material as American Football helmets, these speakers can survive more than the odd knock.

The K series speakers deliver 1000 watts of power (500W LF and 500W HF) with a built in Class D amp for clarity. They also offer a built-in 2-channel mixer, allowing for mixing of inputs with minimal effort.

Up to four QSC Audio K12 systems can be hired simultaneously, and linked together.

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2 days / weekend

from £175.00

DAS Audio RF-12

DAS Audio RF-12

The RF-12 is DAS Audio’s passive 2-way, full-range powered loudspeaker, suitable for fixed or portable sound reinforcement systems. The cabinet is equipped with a standard pole-mount socket and two steel-reinforced handles. 12 M10 rigging points and an extensive range of mounting accessories allows for use in permanent installations.

With a built-in two-channel mixer, Sennheiser Evolution 100 Series receiver, and a choice of transmitters (handheld, lapel, head-worn or plug-in), it’s perfect for crowds of 250 to 500 people.

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2 days / weekend

from £155.00

Victory 2000

Victory 2000

The Victory 2000 is the flagship of Chiayo’s portable PA range. It is an easy to operate, multi-functional system capable of high-quality, controlled coverage for up to 1000m².

This battery-operated portable sound system comes with a built-in speaker, amplifier, wireless microphone receiver, rechargeable battery, and CD player as standard. It is also fitted with integrated wheels and retractable handle for ease of transportation.

Ideal for medium to large music and voice applications such as conference and function rooms, large assemblies, outdoor and poolside events.

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2 days / weekend

from £135.00

Challenger 1000

Challenger 1000

The Challenger 1000 series is a powerful yet compact battery-operated portable sound system. It is an all-in-one multi-functional, multi-purpose wireless portable sound system designed for both indoor and outdoor use, capable of high-quality coverage up to 800m².

Compact and lightweight, the Challenger 1000 features a built-in speaker, amplifier, wireless microphone receiver, rechargeable battery, and CD player as standard. The Challenger also features easy to use controls and retractable handle to allow the unit to be easily transported.

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2 days / weekend

from £125.00

Focus 500

Focus 500 Compact

The brand new Focus 500 is one of the most compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, full-function portable public address systems on the market.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this little unit features an internal UHF microphone receiver, 30W amplifier, full-range loudspeaker, CD and USB MP3 player – all squeezed into a box no bigger than A4!

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2 days / weekend

from £55.00

Anchor MiniVox


Anchor Audio’s MiniVox public address system is a lightweight, compact, battery-operated public address unit, widely praised by users across all industries. The unit boasts a 5″ speaker, 15 watts of internal amplification, a shoulder strap for mobility, and wireless microphone upgrade options.

With negligible distortion and an amazing 108 dB SPL capacity, the purported reach of this little 5 lbs unit is over 150 people. There are 2 separate microphone inputs, one with phantom power, and one a line level input for connection to portable audio devices such as CD players or minidiscs.

The MiniVox is great for firefighters, law enforcement, search and rescue squads, tour guides or any person needing voice amplification.

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2 days / weekend

from £35.00

TOA Megaphone


The TOA ER-3215 is an easy-to-operate, hand-held, 23-watt megaphone with a removable microphone, volume control, and on-off switch. It can be used as a shoulder-type megaphone when the microphone is detached.

The handle and microphone are anti-bacterially treated to improve hygiene and safety during use. The newly developed polyimide diaphragm is employed to ensure high sound quality.

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2 days / weekend

from £25.00