Focus 500 Compact


The brand new Focus 500 is one of the most compact, lightweight, full-function portable public address systems on the market. Available in radio frequency or infrared wireless versions, this convenient unit features an internal receiver, a 30W amplifier, a full-range loudspeaker, and a CD player; all squeezed into a box no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper.

With output power and sound quality akin to something much bigger, the Focus 500 is capable of coverage up to 400m².

When you book the Focus 500 you will need to choose one of the following microphones:

  • either a hand held radio microphone
  • or a lapel microphone with a belt pack
  • or a headset microphone with a belt pack
  • and up to 1 cabled microphone
 You may also like to order:
  • a speaker tripod
  • and a microphone stand
  • or an external CD player
  • Truly wireless! Battery operation eliminates all cables so it can be taken anywhere
  • Choice of radio frequency or infrared wireless options
  • Option for CD or cassette deck
  • Choice of single or dual channel models
  • Infrared options ensure interference-free, licence-free and eavesdrop-free operation (IR system is recommended for indoor use only)
  • Built-in 30W power amplifier
  • Built-in 6.5-inch speaker
  • Mic-level input / auxiliary input with dedicated volume control
  • Auxiliary out to connect to PA system or input of AV system
  • Charging / battery status indicators
  • Tone control
  • Volume control for CD / cassette module
  • Tripod mountable. Carrying bag available (optional)
  • Lightweight: with CD, 5.5kg; with cassette deck, 5kg
  • Dual power supply: AC or DC operation


Frequency Range

CH 1~12 845.900 ~ 861.550 Licence Required or CH 13~16 863.100, 863.900, 864.500, 864.900 Deregulated. No licence required

Oscillation Type

Quartz locked fixed frequency

Frequency Stability

± 0.005%

Receiving Method


Frequency Response

50 Hz~15 KHz

Output Power (RMS)

30W @ 4 ohms load

Speaker System

6 ½”

Audio Inputs


Audio Outputs


Power Supply

AC 230V / Internal Battery


313(H) x 220(W) x 215(D) mm


CD: 5.5kg Cassette: 5kg

Battery Recharge

3 – 4 hours

Battery Life – Music

2 hours

Battery Life – Voice

3 -4 hours

Chiayo Focus 500

2 days / weekend

from £55.00