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Getting the big picture right by taking care of the details

We deliver the right equipment for an enhanced visitor experience, in the most environmentally and logistically sound way, whilst also keeping your costs down

With over 50 years of trading, we have an unrivalled wealth of experience to contribute to your success. We constantly research and invest in new technology so that you know you are getting the best available.

Radio Communications

We supply a variety of radios and repeaters.  Communication is key to a successful event – our radios will help various teams keep in touch for whatever reason, whether event safety /security, race timing, event organisers and emergency service management. Multi channels are vital to clear communication. 

Event Timing & Scoring

Timing solutions need to be accurate and resilient to the great British summer! Our equestrian timing uses wireless gates, with single or two phase capacity, and a public display board for that extra edge of excitement.


Providing real-time scores is increasingly important for a successful event. Competitors avid to see the movement in their placing as their rivals perform, and team members checking their phones for scores updates, have become a staple of sporting activities. Whatever scoring system you’re using, we can provide both the hardware and the connectivity that ensures that your teams are able to report instantly as the results unfold. Laptops that are secure and that don’t lose their charge, wifi that works across the whole site, direct communication between start, finish, and judges, and on-site knowledgeable staff that can troubleshoot for you, are all essential.

Public Address Systems

No event is ever the same as there are so many personal preferences, event specific requirements and needs.  After being in the industry for so long we have built up a huge selection of PA equipment – whether greenfield events or established structures, Show Hire can advise on the best sound for your space. See our dedicated page for further information

Starlink Mobile Internet

Our Starlink mobile solution provides high speed, broadband internet using simple, scalable hardware platform that can easily be distributed across locations. Starlink enables you to enjoy reliable internet connection without needing to rely on 4G hotspots or the traditional broadband connection. It’s especially appropriate in rural areas, or for events expecting a high number of guests who may put the existing network under considerable strain! 

Unbounded by local infrastructure, and designed to support multiple paths back to the internet, Starlink provides reliable service to ensure your business can keep doing what it does best.

Across its network, Starlink maintains greater than 99.5% uptime across all customers – and higher for unobstructed installations. Uptime is measured without mitigating factors like weather and wire-cut outages.

Network Audio Solutions

Q-SYS is an incredibly intelligent network solution designed to integrate with an existing infrastructure at an event space.

Our qualified technicians have deployed Q-SYS equipment across some of the largest events in the UK, enabling them to benefit from unrivalled control and incredibly useful and sometimes vital options:

Constant network monitoring enables us to spot and resolve potential issues before you or your guests notice them. We can monitor and control your systems from a single point, giving you an instant response.  

Easy zoning allows different event spaces to have their own music or different commentary or mute which they can control locally.

Integrated hierarchy of sound and devices to allow specific microphones or announcements to override anything else as priority – the “voice of god”. 

Prerecorded messages can be scheduled in advance, or adjusted/updated easily throughout the day depending on the need.

Announcements, whether pre-recorded or live, can be recorded for later review – vital if you need to revisit an incident.

Instant sound adjustment and control – we have total visibility of the sound network via our mobile devices and have the abilitly to increase, decrease or adjust the levels instantly.

Touch screen automation such as message selection and playback, muting zones as well as safety systems such as stop/go lights on race events. These can be used when the client in an event space has muted the speakers in favour of their own music. In an emergency we can simply override for safety announcements.

Without a permanent infrastructure, having various suppliers, each setting up different networks for their own needs, effects carbon footprint and economic viability. Investing in techology enables organisers and suppliers to easily plug into a network, which in turn helps reduce environmental impact and save on unneccessary ongoing costs.  We work at lots of these venues and can advise on how you can save.