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It’s all about the flora

Every summer our team get fully immersed in the flora and fauna world of flower shows. Covering arguably the world’s greatest and most established flower show in the world – RHS Chelsea Flower Show, followed later in the year Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, London and Tatton Park Flower Show, Cheshire.  


We have developed a successful sound model to cover in detail the various spaces at these shows.  Supported by fibre networking and our clever Q-Sys digital AV integrated platform, we are able to run multiple channels to deliver music and announcements in various areas of the site.  Working with our team, we can build you a truly unique solution to ensure your guests get to know where everything is and what is going on and when it’s happening  is during their visit.

Public Address Systems

There are many variables to consider when designing and setting up a Public Address System for your event. It is vital to plan this clearly and to bear in mind:

  • Location limitations
  • How many zones to manage
  • Who will control to coms at the event
  • Do you want prerecorded messages
  • Do you need remote access
  • and many many more..


We can offer all of this with a huge range of sound solutions and our Q-Sys system is able introduce some really clever solutions around your event.

Evacuation & Safety

Show Hire has been working with event teams for many years and have a range of scalable solutions to help with your safety and emergency evacuation planning.

The UK has suffered a number of terror attacks over the years, most recently at Manchester Arena.   The Home Offices are in the middle of consultation to upgrade and adjust the ‘Terrorism Bill’,  although it will be more commonly known as ‘Martyn’s Law’.

The bill will ensure that security preparedness is delivered consistently across events in the UK for better protection of the public and will require further steps to improve public safety such as: 

  • Detailed emergency plans and procedures
  • Undertake staff training and awareness raising
  • Employing security systems, processes and measures to mitigate threats.

Event organisers will be required to undertake a detailed risk assessment to further improve the development and implementation of a security plan.  

Download our white paper here for further information.

Radios & Communications

The bigger the event, the larger the need for effective communication amongst the teams. Our hand held radios and base units can all be preprogrammed to a variety of secure digital channels to ensure clarity and reliability.

We have a variety of additional options should you wish to enhance your communications such as

  • Mast repeaters – to cover a much larger event space
  • Ear pieces for secure monitor and communication
  • Hand held mics 
  • Cases and Clips

Show Hire only use the best equipment on the market and supply for client to manage or we can offer an on site live management.