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Show Hire Ltd
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We cover every aspect of event communications:

  • Commentary units (single- and double-tier)
  • Public address (indoor and outdoor)
  • Two-way radios (digital and analogue)
  • Advanced audio distribution (networked and wireless)
  • Generator and power hire

Show Hire has an extraordinarily diverse portfolio of clients from all areas of the communications world.


Our work has included supplying event communications to some of the largest public events in the world. Our systems have kept people informed across the UK and Europe at both indoor and outdoor venues; from small, intimate events to crowds of 250,000 people.

Our wide and varied services include hire and sales, temporary and permanent installations, as well as event and technical support. Our staff are always on hand, either in our offices or on-site around the clock, to liaise with clients at all levels and to help you deal with any eventuality.

Unit Hire

With 360° vision, and a choice of large working areas to suit individual requirements, Show Hire’s units are unmatched within the events industry. 

Show Hire offers three types of units:

  • Double Tier Commentary Units
  • Single Tier Commentary Units
  • PA Trailers

Public Address

A necessity both practically and legally for any large public event. Instant and clear information is vital to ensure a positive and safe experience at an event for guests/exhibitors and organisers.

  • Emergency Announcements
  • Crowd Control
  • Announcements

Equipment Hire

Every event has different equipment requirements to suit the need and the budget.  

Show Hire has a huge range of solutions

  • Event display and timing
  • Radio Hire and commentary
  • Sound announcements
  • Audio Visual Support